Northern Virginia Magazine Review


Big thanks to Warren Rojas of Northern Virginia Magazine for this great review.
Former Cocktail Corner columnist cum author Natalie Bovis-Nelsen, AKA The Liquid Muse, is back with another tome on proper tippling–this time tackling the always anxiety-ridden task of wedding planning.
And who couldn’t use a dose of liquid courage before taking that LOOOONNNNNGGGGGG walk down the aisle?
Bovis-Nelsen hopes to take the edge off the big day with “The Bubbly Bride,” a feel-good guide for brides-to-be that weaves wedding etiquette (Hate hangovers? Hydrate, eat, shun sugar and pop aspirin before bedtime; freezing water in bundt cake pans yields eye-catching ice wreaths for punch bowls) and cocktail lore (Angostura bitters were created by a German physicist while living in Venezuela; Pisco is a direct descendant of Roman Catholic communion wine).
She also shares dozens of drink recipes, as well as a tutorial on designing your own wedding cocktail (base recipe: 1 1/2 ounces spirit of your choice + 1 ounce simple syrup + 3/4 ounce sweetener/bitters + embellishments of your choice = custom coolers).
Noteworthy selections include: Lambrusco Rosemary Fizz (herby sparkler), D.C. mixologist Derek Brown’s Jackelope  (bourbon, oak-infused maple syrup, ginger liqueur), the Schoolgirl Fantasy (black cherry vodka, vanilla liqueur, flavored soda) and Nuts About You (cava, tawny port, almond extract).
She even breaks out the calorie count of many cocktail ingredients–the biggest offender? Liqueurs (120-150 calories per ounce). The most waistline-friendly additive? Lemon or lime juice (8 calories per ounce)–to allay any fitting-through-wedding day disasters.


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