Ultimate Last Hurrah?

If you’ve got the bucks, the connections and the membership, the brand new SoHo House opening in West Hollywood (already in London and New York) could be the ultimate location for a small, sophisticated soiree with a selection of your best girlfriends.

The bride-about-town who is beyond tacky bachelorette parties and drunken sorority girl behavior, now has SoHo House as the ultimate elegant backdrop for the woman who already has it all – with or without a husband.  Members include successful businesspeople, Hollywood elite and those looking for an exclusive good time without having to wade through the rif-raf to get a nightclub’s VIP lounge.

Not to mention, its an ideal spot to husband shop for the singles in your wedding party…

Read more in Kevin West’s article, W Magazine: Society: Wmagazine.com.

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