The Shower Diva Review

Many thanks to our friends at The Shower Diva who gave The Bubbly Bride this glowing review:

The Bubbly Bride: Your Ultimate Wedding Cocktail Guide by Natalie Bovis-Nelsen

Whether you’re throwing an intimate bridal shower, wedding brunch or fabulous all out reception, keep a copy of The Bubbly Bride in hand!

Preggatini’s author, Natalie Bovis-Nelsen, professional mixologist blogs and mixes spirits for a living. With her new book, The Bubbly Bride: Your Ultimate Wedding Cocktail Guide, Natalie guides readers through outfitting a home bar, hand-crafting simple syrups for signature cocktails, and today’s chic flavors. Are you ready to learn champagne basics or how to put a libation twist on pre and post wedding parties?

A perfect little bartender’s bible for the newlywed’s household, The Bubbly Bride’s washable cover is au courant, complimenting the contents. For those who don’t know the difference between a shot glass or a shaker,The Bubbly Bride will be their go-to handbook.

We’ve mixed up a few of the more than 70 tasty cocktails to try; just the names invite giggles and a race to grab the shaker and ice! Try Battling the Bridezilla jitters with a frosty flute of Chill Pill, filling a martini glass with a White Pomegranate Teani or raising a toast to the newlyweds with a Love in Bloom cocktail.

Don’t get the idea these recipes are just for bridal showers and girly get-togethers. Bachelor parties can serve up more than a pony keg or cases of beer. You may have to arm wrestle the man in your life for your copy ofThe Bubbly Bride once he’s mixed up the Jackalope, Dirty Harry or Bachelor Party Punch!

There are plenty of tried and true recipes plus new renditions of traditional favorites. The Bubbly Bride has suggestions for cocktails with muddled herbs, fruit, nuts, and yes, even vegetables.

We loved the idea of planning a function around personalized cocktails. Think of fruity cocktails and mocktails from a juice bar at the reception or creating designer cocktails that compliment the wedding menu.

From first blush to happily ever after, the contents of The Bubbly Brideguarantee glasses will be raised and sprits bright, toast after inventive toast. Order online today!

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